Sjoerd Kessels

Sjoerd Kessels has a background in Business Administration from which his interest in organizational development and culture originates. Sjoerd has worked over 12 years for an organization that took self-organization and culture very seriously, after which he started to study the principles behind agile adaptive organizations. This quickly lead him to Lean and Agile thinking, and more recently, Systems Thinking, areas in which he became proficient during the last 9 years. After having introduced an agile way of working in multiple companies as R&D Director, a natural step was to start helping other organizations as coach, trainer and consultant.

Sjoerd combines profound knowledge with extensive experience, as is able to operate on team level, organization level, and management level as well. A particular strength is to explain the principles behind practices which enables customers to develop new fit-for-purpose practices themselves. This also shows in his style as a trainer: he combines explaining theory with many practical examples from his own experience. Sjoerd provides courses on agile team level, scaling agile, and organizational level. The combination with courses in areas like change management and modern management and leadership clearly demonstrates the width of his experience and interest.

Number of years experience in Agile: 9
Courses: Scrum Master, Product Owner, Management 3.0, SAFe 4.0, Adaptive in a day, e.a.