Dave Boere

Dave Boere has a long history in sales. (Key)accountmanagement, backoffice, and customer service were his expertise. He has had several leading positions in innovation, proposition development and process optimization. Next to his commercial background Dave has a lot of experience with change management. As a manager his style is aimed at asking for results and coaching on behavior, two important characteristics of an agile leader. Dave’s start in the Agile arena was the role as Product Owner of his own innovation program. That was the moment he embraced Agile and developed himself into a customer, market, and result oriented Agile Change consultant.

Dave’s strength lies in starting transformations. He advises on organization and management level and involves stakeholders in adopting a pragmatic approach. His extensive commercial and change experience makes Dave unique in agile and change environments. He always looks at the total value stream to prevent local optimization.

As a trainer and coach he knows the challenges of his customers and trainees. During workshops he focuses on behavior and culture. Several frameworks are used to support organizational change.

Number of years experience in Agile: 5
Training: Scrum Master, Product Owner, SAFe 4.0, Adaptive in a day, e.a.